The Tragic Case of Prinx Chiyo: Redux

Revisited, the post that made the LGBTQ mafia report a gay man to the police for the crime of being a homosexual.

I deleted this post, I deleted my whole Substack, and suspended my twitter account following the co-ordinated homophobic attack on me orchestrated by the ‘Mr Gay England’ team and it’s CEO Stuart Hatton. I repost it now for a few reasons, firstly and mainly - the post was archived and people are continuing to share it. I hit about 10 thousand hits before deleting and as it continues to be shared via archive I’ve no idea how many people have read it. But ironically I do think it’s because of Mr Gay England, Attitude, etc that led to this piece being read so much in the first place(!).

So to clarify I wish no harm or ill health on Chiyo. Conversely I genuinely hope she is able to live a long and happy life, despite the horrendous abuse she has suffered. But nonetheless, as a public figure, I feel entitled to criticise her and her homophobic behaviour ( saying gay men should love pussy for instance). But I am also angry on her behalf because I genuinely believe she is being used as a political pawn by people who do not give a shit about her wellbeing.

There is also the recent Owen Jones drama (referenced in my response piece on this Substack) where he has now posted a blog response to what happened to him. Apart from the overall disingenuous tone where he ignores the reason people were *actually* criticising him, he is my age, and he talks briefly about gay representation in the 90s on TV… gee huh! I almost felt like he had read this article and it informed his one!

I also deleted from Substack my response post - I won’t be reinstating that (as no one archived it!) - but here’s some of the bullshit that was said to me:

Stuart Hatton of the Mr Gay England contest. Who am I to judge who is a gay man? I am not anyone to judge. But a gay man is by definition a homosexual adult human male.

Actually mate I did consider the person at the end of it. Read the article below if you don’t believe me.

“Cis” sorry mate I don’t identify with reductive patriarchal sexist stereotypes of masculinity so I’m not cis.

Let me guess, she was upset because you made her read it? Some friend?!

Darren Styles the owner of Attitude Magazine! Well mate I’ve had actual journalists and even better my friend who is a teacher tell me it was really well written so custard yourself!

From a drag queen called ‘miscarriage’ (!)

And this is the Mr Gay England social media team reporting me to the police for asserting homosexual men are HOMOSEXUAL.

Now I have reposted, anybody - Mr Gay England, Attitude, Stonewall etc. If you want to moan about this blog grow some fucking balls and address what I say. Address what I say about how it is HOMOPHOBIA to tell gay men they need to like vagina when gay men are being executed in other countries for being homosexual. Address what I said about David Bell, former governor of the Tavistock and his shocking revelations. I tell you what, if you’re going to bitch about this address some other things - address how in Pakistan gay men are criminalised but Pink News celebrates Pakistan as a trans haven. Address how in Iran gay men have the option of transition or death. Address how 2 recent studies show that puberty blockers are dangerous, do not reduce negative feelings in kids and have long term effects on their bone development. But of course you won’t. You’ll be complicit in the rampant homophobia, misogyny and child abuse that is now synonymous with the ‘LGBTQ community’.

Anyway, after that introduction, original piece below. Enjoy.

Last Summer, as lockdown started easing and we were finally able to venture out into the world, meet friends, go to restaurants (alas, even if it didn’t last long), a curious story popped on the BBC website in its ‘Newsbeat’ section. For those who don’t know, Newsbeat is the section of the BBC News website aimed at a younger audience than their normal news content – think older children and teenagers – and as such is primarily interested in stories related to entertainment, celebrities and social media, with a generally light tone. The story in question was titled ‘Mr Gay England: The trans man competing against an idea of male beauty’. Firstly, I must admit, I’m not that familiar with the Mr Gay England contest – Mr Gay UK, yes, mainly because Mr Gay UK 1999 aka Mark Ledsham, was forever burned onto my adolescent hormonal teenage mind (and often my bedsheets). But back to Chiyo - the story, as you can imagine, is a sympathetic tale of an aspirational young trans man who just wants to be loved for who he is, and who dreams of taking the crown in what is effectively a beauty contest for men, as the most handsome and sexually desirable gay man in England. At this point, just in case you didn’t already know, a ‘trans man’ is a transgender man, that is, a woman who wants to be a man.

BBC Newsbeat had deemed for whatever reason that this was a story with content suitable for it’s younger, impressionable readership. It suddenly sounds like I may be coming across as prudish – children should not know about a beauty contest for gay men! No, I say impressionable not because I think teenage boys will read this and suddenly decide that merely reading about such an event will immediately turn them homosexual, but rather because of those boys that may themselves already know – or suspect – they may be homosexual, and are now presented with the conceit that they should be considering heterosexual women as romantic and sexual partners, and if they do not, then they are bad people.

There’s a lot to be said about heteronormativity, and lack of gay/lesbian representation in the media. Of course, the majority of people are heterosexual… the continued existence of the human race depends on it… but as gay men and lesbians slowly gained rights in this country, we still were faced with a predominantly heteronormative media. Characters in television and film who were gay men were either tragic (queer-bashed, disowned by their family, unable to find love, or dying of AIDS) or grotesquely comic parodies of over the top limp wristed poofters with zebra print wallpaper in their living room. Of course, both of these archetypes were frequently completely sex-less. Then, in 1996, something revolutionary happened. 

I’m sure there were films and TV that had crossed this bridge beforehand, but for me, This Life was a revelation. I was 12 years old and far too young to be sneaking to watch TV at the time of night, but This Life was a BBC Drama series about young professionals working at a legal firm, and one of the characters just happened to be gay. Warren Jones was Welsh, cheeky, a bit pompous, and unashamedly homosexual. This Life was not a gay show, and it was not aimed at a gay audience, but Warren had sex with men, and lots of it. None of the characters thought less of him for this, and any conflicts or clashes with other characters were never to do with his homosexuality, even if they would occasionally revert to shouting ‘poof’ at him during an argument, his sexual orientation was never the cause of the disagreement. Notably, the show did have an ‘AIDS scare’ storyline…. but it was the straight male Miles who had the scare after having unprotected heterosexual sex with a promiscuous heroin addict.

Later in the 90s and into the early 00s, we started seeing gay men and lesbians incidentally more often, rather than just to be the butt of the joke or for a tragic gay storyline. They popped up in Casualty, Holby City, soap operas… in 1999 future Dr Who guru Russell T Davis introduced rimming to a late night Channel 4 audience with the ground-breaking Queer as Folk, and later that year Constable Goody from the gentle police sitcom ‘The Thin Blue’ line, aka the wonderful James Dreyfuss, starred as outrageous homosexual Tom Farrell in the hilarious and hugely popular ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’. The world’s most boring man Frank Pickles in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ came out to the shock, but immediate acceptance, of Vicar Geraldine, and retroactively I of course realised that the two lifeguards in Chris Barrie sitcom ‘The Brittas Empire’ were more than just friends (incidentally, I to this day maintain that Gavin & Tim are one of the best representations of gay couples ever seen in TV & Film). In the much more conservative USA, the American version of the Office had Oscar come out in season 3 and embed a gay man as a regular into a hugely popular sitcom aimed at a family audience (as opposed to the niche ‘gay show’ Will & Grace), Oscar remained until the end of the final season and any jokes about his homosexuality always had Michael as the butt of the joke because of out of touch and inappropriate he often was.

Why is this important? I’ve just ventured on a meandering sidetrack about gay representation in the media, but this is linked to the crux of the issue. Gay acceptance, and the presentation of homosexuality as normal, and just another fact of life, was a short lived blip in the long term. Because as we moved through the 00s and into the 10s, the focus on normal gay characters shifted again, instead becoming more about Pride, Politics, Queer Identities, and, of course, trans.

We will rarely now see a ‘gay character’ in tv and film, instead an ‘LGBTQI+ character’ who will inevitably be a fiercely political, flag waving queer activist who of course will undoubtedly need to reinforce their commitment to the whole ‘community’ and that yes, trans women (aka transgender identified men) are definitely in fact women and trans men (aka transgender identified women) are men. They of course cannot be homosexual, and the word itself has fallen out of favour, you see homosexual is not an inclusive term. LGBTQI characters who ‘identify’ as gay or lesbian will of course be ‘gender-orientated’ and their attraction will be based on the spiritual essence of a person’s innate gender, rather than the reality of their biological sex. The US version of ‘Shameless’ featured a gay man dating a trans man, as did MTV ‘s Faking It (again MTV’s core demographic primarily being teenagers and young adults). Any unease or reluctance a gay man has to date a woman, will be a story point framed as to how the gay man has to learn to get over his bigotry and accept vagina into his sex life. The really interesting thing with regards to representation of course, is that despite the vast majority of trans women being heterosexual (and as such ‘identifying’ as lesbians) the vast majority of trans women represented in TV and film are homosexual (and identifying as straight women)…. But that’s a story for another day.

Coming back to Prinx Chiyo… You may have thought upon learning that a biological woman was entering a ‘sexiest gay man’ competition that this was a little strange, but hopefully you now understand in the wider context, this is something accepted as the norm, whereas 20 years ago this would have seemed ridiculous. Elsewhere in the media there are no longer magazines or news outlets specifically catering for gay men, Pink News now particularly heavy leaning on trans issues (as well as a tenuous grip on reality) with the editor of Pink News, Ryan John Butcher, notoriously claiming last year that gay men and lesbians uninterested in having sexual relationships members of the opposite sex were ‘the literal definition of transphobia’ (Pink News…. There’s a huge can of toxic mutated worms there I’d like to open up and discuss in more detail one day). 

Attitude Magazine, which still claims to be a ‘Gay Men’s Lifestyle Magazine’ also ran an interview with Chiyo last October. The headline of this article was slightly more provocative than the Newsbeat article… namely ‘TERFs Genuinely Want to Destroy the Trans Experience’ (NB: TERF stands for ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist and is generally used as a form of attack against women who believe that trans women / transgender identified men should not have access to women’s rights, spaces or services). The Attitude article is even more on the nose and aggressive than the Newsbeat article, with Chiyo bizarrely claiming “every time I achieve greatness there is a herd of TERFs waiting to try and kill me”.  Specifically related to Chiyo’s biological reality as a woman and whether gay men will be attracted to her, she says: “I am not on hormones and I have no intention of getting any procedures done that may impact my wet ass pussy… I am extremely femme and I don’t play into this ‘masc for masc’ bullshit. I have a period once a month and I have no qualms openly talking about how my pussy bleeds and how difficult that makes navigating spaces as a gay man.” The Attitude magazine feature writer presents Chiyo in a positive light, refers to her using male pronouns throughout, but interestingly falls short of directly addressing whether gay men should find her attractive. 

My initial reaction to Chiyo, both the newsbeat article and subsequent pieces such as the Attitude interview, and her own personal twitter account, can only be described as anger. How DARE gay men be told we have to find women attractive? How dare we be gaslit into accepting a woman into what is effectively a ‘sexiest gay man’ competition! How dare the entire gay media unquestionably support this heterosexual woman and her intrusion into gay spaces. So many gay men have had to spend their entire life being told that their homosexuality was wrong, that they could learn to like vagina (and note there are still countries in the world where gay men are imprisoned and even executed for being homosexual), and now we are having to face the same outrageous homophobia from within our own supposed ‘community’. My only consolation was potentially this media coverage of Chiyo may have helped ‘peak’ a number of gay men (NB: To ‘peak’ means someone who has come to the realisation that the lie we go along with that transgender people are referred to and treated as if they are members of the opposite sex has gone too far). Pictures that popped up of Chiyo showed her flat chested and scarred following a double mastectomy, waif like, and with no natural facial or chest hair growth due to not having taken testosterone, she had resorted to using ink pens and bits of fabric to simulate them, like a child playing grown up for the day.

I followed Chiyo’s personal twitter for months, seemingly as an act of self-torture to see what homophobic nonsense she would spout next. Troublingly her most avid fans and followers seemed to be young teenage girls, idolising her for having escaped womanhood and many clearly wanting to follow the same path. The worryingly large increase in the number of young girls in the UK being referred to the Tavistock gender clinic for ‘gender reassignment’ is well documented elsewhere, so this is nothing I am going to go into here (but if you are unaware of this, please look it up online), and yet another idol to follow and imitate and lead these girls down a dangerous path is itself worse than the effect on gay men. Chiyo was egged on, applauded and celebrated by many ‘woke’ young gay men, including a close friend of hers, a man who goes by the stage name of ‘Bimini Bom Boulash’, who recently appeared as contestant on BBC reality tv show ‘RuPauls Drag Race UK’. (There is another piece I want to write specifically on Drag Race…. hopefully that will be coming soon). Boulash is a gay man who ‘identifies’ as non-binary, and his preferred pronouns are either ‘they’ or ‘she’ (note no ‘he’), the propensity of gender non-conforming effeminate young gay men being convinced they are not really men is disturbing homophobia in itself, see also Oscar-winning singer Sam Smith, a gay man who exclusively uses ‘they/them’ pronouns and proudly proclaims his chubby moobs as ‘girl’s tits’ and evidence of his gender-fluid nature. Regardless of all these men gender-bending and playing with pronouns, I suspect that Boulash and Chiyo’s other gay male cheerleaders don’t consider her a man where it counts…. In the bedroom.

But then recently, something else happened – like a gut punch. Chiyo opened up about her personal history. She was first sexually abused when she was 6 years old, was repeatedly raped by her step brother for a period of 2 years, and was raped or sexually assaulted by over 50 men. This was a harrowing and devastating story. Former governor of the Tavistock gender clinic, David Bell, recently gave what should have been an earth-shattering interview for Channel 4 news (of course, the LGBTQI media ignored it, just as they did the previous Newsnight report on malpractice and homophobia at the clinic), Bell discussed how (as is now well documented) nearly 50% of children referred to the Tavistock are autistic, many have other co-morbidities, and many have a history of family abuse or extreme trauma. The growing number of detransitioners (people who believed they were trans and started making meaningful hormonal/medical steps to transition their body, before desisting), whatever my personal views on the transitioning of children and teenagers, are rarely completely opposed to transition, many just emphasise that more care, more psychiatric help and more investigation into the causes of their dysphoria and how other issues or co-morbidities may have affected it. Chiyo is one of many young women clearly sold a lie, and desperately trying to escape womanhood. As other girls may be escaping because they don’t fit sexist stereotypes of how a girl should behave, they are trying to escape the male gaze and objectification, they are escaping being treated as less than the boys in their class, escaping the horror of thinking they may be a lesbian and can be cured by transitioning to a ‘straight’ boy, or escaping because of persistent, horrific, sexual abuse by men. 

The fact that Chiyo ‘boasts’ that she works occasionally in sex work, is even more troubling. I am still not happy with Chiyo. I am still not happy with how she is a pawn in gaslighting young gay men and making them feel ashamed of their homosexuality. But I can never again be angry at her. Not after what she has been through. And that is the tragic case of Prinx Chiyo.