The Lost Children of the Gender Cult

As anyone in the UK surely knows by now, the ‘charity’ Mermaids UK that purports to support ‘trans and gender diverse children’ is run by a woman named Susie Green. Green’s son is transgender (she refers to him as her daughter) and Green discovered and took control of Mermaids after initially stumbling on to them many years ago after desperately trying to find a way to fix her son who had dangerous interests, such as liking tutus and barbie dolls.

This post isn’t about the fact that Mermaids are a dangerous organisation… They continue to promote puberty blockers despite studies published in the last 6 months confirming that the blockers have effects on bone development, cognitive development, or most damningly of all do not even reduce feelings of distress over dysphoria. They continue to go against current NHS guidelines and openly challenge high court rulings on blockers. They continue to advise parents of gender non conforming young children to seek off label puberty blockers online and through offshore health clinics to circumvent the NHS and the diagnostic process, including recommending Dr Helen Webberly, a GP suspended from practice in the UK due to malpractice. No, it’s not about them, but about the children who are collateral damage in the ideology that they promote.

Jackie Green is the son of the now Mermaids CEO Susie Green, though Jackie lives ‘full time’ as a woman (whatever that means). Jackie is now an adult, though as a child had liked playing with dolls instead of trucks, and liked the colour pink and frilly dresses. For every protestation that the Mermaids machine makes about it ‘not being about stereotypes’ I struggle to find anything they have said that is NOT about stereotypes. Jackie himself even seems to think his dysphoria was based around wanting to play with dolls.

It transpired that as a little boy, Jackie had want to play with Barbies, but this terrified his father. In what is a common theme amongst little boys who go on to transition, extremely homophobic parents are absolutely horrified as to what they deem ‘gay behaviours’. Susie herself has said at age 2 her and her husband thought their son might be gay… AGED TWO! Of course, it is utterly ridiculous to suppose sexual orientation on pre-pubescent children AT ALL, let alone that young. While many gay men and lesbians undoubtedly were gender non-conforming children (we’ll come back to this later), I also know many straight men who as boys preferred playing with dolls and having tea parties, so non-conformity with sexist stereotypes of how boys and girls should behave is not a way to ‘predict’ which will grow up to be heterosexual or homosexual. Nonetheless, homophobic Dad was so terrified of this that step one to ‘cure’ his son was to take away all his toys. Susie recounts this story with glee in her TED Talk, if you’ve not seen it, I strongly recommend watching this response video from Kellie-Jay Keen:

‘It’s not about stereotypes’, but watch how Green describes her son aged 12 wanting to buy a dress - ‘he was beaming’ - and how she was terrified at what other people in the shop may think about a boy wearing a dress. Not about stereotypes though. Clothes and toys were one thing, but what happened to Jackie. Green approached Mermaids, a small hardly known organisation at the time, and through advice from them and the internet she obtained puberty blockers from overseas. ‘Puberty blockers’. Puberty blockers, such as Lupron, are powerful drugs developed for use to treat prostate cancer… that is, drugs used to treat older men where the option is treatment or premature death. They are also used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Remember this anytime someone casually talks about ‘puberty blockers’ or the even more euphemistic ‘gender-affirming care’. Green moved her son onto oestrogen, and then when he was aged 15 she took him to Thailand.

So what has happened so far? Parents terrified from aged 2 their son is gay. They try hiding his toys from him and Dad leaves. Mum decides their son is actually a daughter. Mum spends several years using powerful hormone-blockers and then cross sex hormones, constantly affirming to this boy that he is really a girl. He is only allowed the toys and clothes he likes by being affirmed as a girl. This cocktail of drugs and hormones will have stunted his growth as well as his physical, sexual and emotional development. They will have completely stopped his sexual organs developing. So aged 15 they’re in Thailand, so that on his 16th birthday he can have ‘the operation’. We can’t say the word castration, as Kellie-Jay Keen was questioned by the police for saying so. Nonetheless, we won’t say castration, but on his 16th birthday, Jackie Green had his testicles removed and his penis inverted to form a neo-vagina. It was a difficult operation because, as I’d mentioned above, the blockers and hormones had stopped development of his sexual organs. This tweet includes an embedded video of Susie Green laughing about how her son’s micro penis meant the surgeons didn’t have much to work with:

Now Jackie is a ‘normal’ straight girl, and machismo homophobic Dad has a better relationship with his son than ever. Jackie wraps Daddy around ‘her’ little finger. Homophobia, fear of gender non-conformity, and obsession with reductive anti-feminist sexist stereotypes. This is the foundation that the Mermaids house is built on. The mask occasionally slips, here the Mermaids social media team reiterate that homosexuality is a sign of transgenderism.

Elsewhere in the Western world, the situation is worse (not to say that this is an exclusively white, western phenomenon, in countries like Iran and Pakistan it is open that transexual ‘straight’ women are accepted whereas homosexual men are not - but that is a story for another post). Canada didn’t earn the nickname ‘Tranada’ for nothing, and trans activist Amanda Jette Knox who wrote the book ‘Love Lives Here: A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family’, is one of the world’s most outspoken advocates for ‘trans children’. Knox coincidentally realised she was a lesbian at the same time her husband realised he was a woman - well wasn’t that lucky! Their son informed them he was a transgender girl aged 11, and the story goes he left them with a note informing them of his new name and identity and took himself to the GP to get a prescription for puberty blockers. Knox has fiercely defended her ‘daughter’ and his right to be a girl, get blockers, hormones and eventually surgery, until last year when, now aged 16, he decided he’s not a trans girl but non-binary. This also seems to be alongside the realisation he is heterosexual (like his transgender identified father), though Dad will luckily have not had any effects on the growth of his sexual organs or sexual maturity due to taking strong cancer-medication from a young age. Knox now downplays and obfuscates but still refers to her son as her ‘daughter’ and uses exclusive she/her pronouns despite the teenager’s preference for ‘they/them’. Knox also said he was ‘always non-binary’ (she’s really keen on insisting trans kids are always the opposite sex of what they are), but that back then they ‘didn't have the words for it’ (lucky for him they found the words before he had his balls cut off).

In the USA, following the Biden declaration that women’s rights are a free for all and that any man can identify into women’s safe spaces and sports, a few local legislators have scrambled to make laws to clarify where women are entitled to sex-segregated spaces and sports. This is now seeing a huge amount of ‘trans children’ being used as pawns against these laws, because these laws will ‘hurt children’. One of the highest profile of these kids being used in this way is Kai Shappley.

Kai Shappley is already famous, being the American poster-child for transing kids for some time. In a similar story to Jackie Green, Kai’s mother Kimberley was terrified from a young age her son might be gay due to him not conforming to sexist stereotypes of how a boy should behave. She even admits to researching conversion therapy…. this is how seriously she did not want a gay son. Given that she would have been hard pressed to find in the states old-fashioned gay conversion therapy that included chemical castration, she luckily discovered woke conversion therapy, where chemical castration is the norm.

In the below video, see Kimberley Shappley discuss how she repeatedly tried to beat the gay out of her son. She says ‘from age 3 we thought he might be gay… I thought that cannot happen, that will not happen… prayers turned to googling conversion therapy and how we could implement it at home… we started spanking him, really spanking him hard if he played with girl’s toys’. Can you imagine the trauma this poor toddler… TODDLER…. must have gone through, no wonder he decided he was really a girl.

Kai gained even more prominence after starring in an episode of Netflix kids teen drama ‘The Babysitter’s Club’. The episode presented a morality lesson on why it is not biological sex that determines if a child is a boy or a girl, but rather their favourite colours and how they like to wear their hair.

The person responsible for this tweet was an adult trans-identified male by the name of Rose Dommu, Dommu had been given control of the Netflix twitter account for the weekend to celebrate this momentous occasion. His own Twitter account includes such gems as:

We can be charitable and assume the teenage boy in question was above the age of consent.

The cynical use by agenda-driven adults to weaponise ‘trans children’ in this way is no more evident than in the speeches Kai and others like him have been forced to give, clearly reciting scripts written by adults. It is interesting that despite the majority of ‘trans children’ being girls who want to be boys (in the UK 75% of children referred to the Tavistock clinic are female, though I am unsure of the stats in the USA), the majority of trans kids given media coverage are boys who want to be girls. It’s almost as if even the activists know that no-one is going to accept demands for girls to be able to play boys sports, use boy’s toilets, or male changing rooms…. the activists suddenly remember that sex matters in these instances so its best to downplay them or ignore them.

But back to these little boys, who will grow up whether gay, straight or bi, most will be unable to ever have a normal satisfying sex life or achieve orgasm. Another ‘trans child’ media star, Jazz Jennings, again a child of homophobic parents desperately trying to trans the gay away, has had multiple botched attempts at ‘bottom surgery’ and has lamented how he will probably never have normal sexual feeling. Again, it needs to be said, if these boys had been put through traditional conversion camps’ attempts at ‘fixing’ them, they would have came out troubled and psychologically damaged but at least they would have had a chance of a normal romantic and sexual life as adults. These children have cruelly had this taken away from them. And this leads me on to my next point.

While these children are used as political pawns and cheered on by adults of both sexes and all sexual orientations, it really angers me the most when it is gay men cheering them on.

Whether it’s Star Trek’s George Takei, H from steps, or litigious alleged Scottish soap actors, it’s a kick in the face to see them gleefully throw kids under the bus and ruin their lives, when they themselves have spoken of being gender non-conforming young boys. It’s not just celebrities either - social media, especially ‘LGBTQ+ Facebook groups’ are full to the brim of young gay men falling over themselves with glee at the prospect their nephew or niece may be a trans child. In many cases they will talk about gender non-conforming traits their young relative has (in the case of boys it will often be traits that they themselves had as a child but that’s different for some reason), and they will need to school the child’s parents on trans issues and how to affirm a transgender identity in the child, or in extreme cases ‘save’ the child from their transphobic parents. And now the next bit is going to be crass - I apologise in advance!

These gay men will invariably LOVE their own cock and balls as much as they love the cocks and balls of other men. They will enjoy getting erections, spunking their cocks left right and centre, spunking their cocks in and on other men, getting spunked in or on by other men, whether one at a time or in groups. And that’s fine! I 100% support in full the rights of all consenting adults to have as much sex with as many other consenting adults as they can, one at a time or in groups! The right for sound-minded adults to do whatever sexual practices they want with other sound-minded consenting adults was a key factor in lesbian & gay rights across the globe - and there are many places in the world where gay men and lesbians still do not have these rights. But how DARE they! HOW DARE THEY! How DARE these gay men, many gender-non-conforming as kids, and who would likely have been carted off to speak to Mermaids and sent to the Tavistock clinic, HOW DARE THEY now aggressively and bullishly PUSH for young children to be sterilised, castrated, and have their sexual potential as adults diminished or removed completely, when they enjoy sex so much as a key part of their lives. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY. All because it’s COOL to know a trans child now.

These gay men, they don’t care about the kids. The parents don’t care about the kids in many cases, more about the terror of potentially having a gay kid and how that needs to be fixed. The LGBTQ monolith doesn’t care about the kids, they’re just political pawns to validate (fully intact) adult men with autogynephilia or other sexual fetishes. It’s time everyone needs to step back, so a little boy likes barbies and tutus, a little girl likes tree climbing and football. So what? They’re children! For fucks sake, who knows who or what they’ll be as adults. But leave the fucking kids alone.