The Legend and Legacy of Magdalen Berns

One of the things that really helped ‘peak’ me (peak, that is, peak trans, which means a realisation that the trans movement is more than just supporting dysphoric people but rather an aggressive and dangerous misogynistic anti-woman movement) was what happened with lesbian YouTuber Magdalen Berns.

I never knew Magdalen until she died. I saw a flurry of tweets celebrating the death of someone called ‘Magdalen Berns’, as well as accusations of ‘if you feel bad she has died, you are pure evil’.

I remember at the time wondering who this awful woman was, a terrorist? A child murderer? Who could she be? I didn’t think too much of it as people I knew and respected were asserting how awful this woman was, so I just presumed they knew enough and I didn’t need to worry about it.

But then a few months later I stumbled across one of her videos. This was following the Maya Forstarter case where JK Rowling infamously tweeted ‘I Stand with Maya’ and ‘This is not a Drill’. For a while i’d had this nagging feeling that ‘the LGBTQ+ movement’ were not the force for good they’d like us all to believe. I’d been hounded out of a few ‘LGBTQ’ Facebook groups for being a homosexual, or as they called me, a ‘genital fetishist’, and as someone who’d fiercely supported trans rights for many years, I was perplexed with this growing movement of ‘non-binary’ people which to me seemed to not be based on physical dysphoria over their sexed body, but rather about adherence or lack of to reductive sexist stereotypes. With Rowling bringing the issue into focus I was now determined to actually look into what was going on.

So now I was actively looking, and with the ‘genital fetishist’ nonsense still burning in my mind I decided as I started to investigate this I would initially look for wider examples of people using the ‘genital fetishist’ and ‘genital preference’ arguments outside of Facebook groups. So of course, the first video of hers I discovered was a response video she’d done to a male YouTuber (who *identified* as a lesbian) by the name of Riley J Dennis…

Dennis was a contributor to a website entitled ‘Everyday Feminism’, although with its focus on the needs, demands and desires of men I’m not sure quite what is feminist about it. For all his (ridiculous) claims about being a woman and a lesbian, Dennis displayed many archetypal and typical traits of heterosexual male entitlement and aggression. It would be soon after that I discovered that Dennis was representative of most ‘transwomen’ rather than, say, homosexual transexuals like Paris Lees (although even Lees is open about still having intact male genitalia - based on Stonewall’s claims that there are 600,000+ trans people in the UK and information freely available via the NHS that over 4 decades there have been less than 4 thousand ‘vaginoplasties’ carried out this would mean an eye watering 99.4+% of ‘transwomen’ are fully intact men).

The next Magdalen video I watched was, quite possibly, the best and most impactful she ever made. This was a critique of the UK’s premier ‘LGBTQ+’ advocacy organisation, the aforementioned Stonewall UK. The video featured ‘transwoman’ and ‘lesbian’ Alex Drummond. He openly admitted to loving his cock and being terrified of hormones or surgery, but nonetheless a penchant for eye shadow and skirts meant he was a woman. He boastfully claimed ‘I bring out the lesbian in lots of women’…. yeah, no Alex.

I quickly watched all of her videos, not only that, but any Magdalen content I could find, interviews on other YouTuber’s channels, videos of her speaking at women’s rights seminars etc. Purely from YouTube I fast got the impression of an incredible, passionate and unstoppable woman, it was absolutely devastating that she had been taken from us so young due to cancer. Researching more about her life I also discovered she had a fiercely intelligent and scientific mind, studying physics and also being a keen sportswoman who was a member of Scotland’s first female boxing club. It was astonishing that her death was being celebrated, and by her own supposed ‘community’ at that.

She was a witch, she was satan incarnate, she was the worst human being who ever lived, and of course the most common insult delightfully spat out by the ‘LGBTQ+ Community’ her grave was a gender-neutral toilet.

I couldn't believe it - what people had said about this woman, purely for sticking up for the rights of women and girls to have single sex spaces, and for lesbians to be exclusively same-sex attracted - was worse than I had ever seen anyone say of people who died who were murderers or terrorists. Quite frankly, the fact that even those in ‘the community’ who didn't join in with the celebration of her death, they were still making excuses for those that were. It gave me the image of ‘the LGBTQ+ community’ as an absolute fucking cesspit of inhuman sociopathy.

I had to test this… there was an online politics community I’d been part of for more than a decade. The political discussion was frequently fascinating with diversity of opinion and thought, and frequently people painted as ‘the worst of the worst’ were given a human slant, with members arguing as to what the individual may have went through in their life to lead them to their current status. I had seen murders, rapists and even terrorists all fiercely defended and excused for their crimes. Then I brought up Magdalen. One member immediately jumped in to say ‘Magdalen Berns was human trash, she deserved to die, anyone who mourns her death is sick’. That was just the start. I persevered. I wrote about her life, about her experiences, how she had been ostracised from LGBT groups for being exclusively homosexual, how she had been angry at her gay male friends being told they don’t need representation because ‘cis gay men aren’t discriminated anymore’, how she had been told women and girls who need single-sex spaces for their privacy and safety were ‘bigots’, I said how can we learn from this, how can we accommodate women and homosexuals looking to defend their rights without being labelled transphobes so that people didn’t turn into genuine transphobes… Nope. It was clear. Women were absolutely not allowed to advocate for sex based rights or single sex spaces. Homosexuals were absolutely not allowed to describe themselves as same-sex attracted. Suffice it to say I just peaked harder.

The attacks on Magdalen were not limited to a bunch of angry nobodies on the internet. Academics discussed how sometimes its OK to celebrate the death of ‘bad’ people like Magdalen. A certain alleged comedian consistently wheeled out a screenshot of Magdalen criticising George Soros as ‘evidence’ she was a raging anti-semite, and arch nemesis of Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, Dr Adrian Haddock, derided Magdalen’s mourners as being ‘cult members’ (look in the mirror baby).

To this day, these same people continue to trash her memory, while insisting they are on ‘the right side of history’. But Magdalen was undeniably an incredible and brave woman, and her legacy has inspired many, many, people to stand up and say NO. Rest in Power.