Stonewall: New 5 year Strategy for Trans, NB, Queer & Asexual people!

New look, New logo, New strategy (!)

This weekend, Stonewall have unveiled a new logo and a new strategy. The cynical amongst us may presume the new logo is a direct result of the likes of Twitter user @jebrux and his many, many, many parodies of their old logo and campaigns…. If so, jokes on them as he’s already been having at the new logo!

The new strategy is available here, so let’s take an in-depth look at it.

Page 1 of the strategy - not much here to set the world alight, apart from Stonewall taking credit for all advancements in gay rights in the UK (well, LGBTQ+ rights they say). But a few things of note. The introduction states:

At Stonewall, we stand for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning, and ace (LGBTQ+) people.”

Oh great, yet again the nebulous word ‘queer’. We can be thankful this is the only time it’s seen in the strategy, but it also means they get away without defining or explaining it. Also you’ll note the addition of ‘Ace’. Stonewall only recently decided they were going to start campaigning in earnest for ‘asexual’ and ‘aromantic’ people, expect to see this word a lot from Stonewall in the near future.

I also enjoy the irony in the following statement:

“In every community in the UK, and around the world, LGBTQ+ people are still being abused, thrown out of their homes, and bullied in schools and workplaces. The institutions that should protect us – our governments, communities, faith institutions and families – too often stand silent, or actively harm us.”

The institutions that should protect homosexual people - such as Stonewall UK - are actively trying to harm us. I mean, they got that right! Stonewall are of course notorious in ignoring many instances of homophobia worldwide, such as ignoring the murder of a young gay man in Iran, and actively ignoring gay men in homophobic African countries looking for help and advice.

And of course, we can’t leave the introduction page without mentioning the parody produced by Twitter user @moleatthedoor …

Page 2: How We Work - Boasting about how they have forged ‘partnerships around the globe’, this is just more self-congratulating back slapping building on the foundation of when they actually were a gay/lesbian rights organisation. They manage to mention ‘LGBTQ+’ an impressive twelve times in just a few paragraphs. Still not really getting to the strategy but I’d like to highlight 2 things from this section:

“We help LGBTQ+ children and young people to feel safe and seen through our schools, colleges and children and young people’s services programmes. These programmes support adults who work with children and young people to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and to teach in a way that recognises and celebrates LGBTQ+ history.”

Just to say I REALLY don’t trust Stonewall to give support to Schools. They’ve been sending Alex Drummond in to Primary Schools as an example of a lesbian for 6 years for fucks sake.

We have been at the forefront of making workplaces inclusive for LGBTQ+ people for more than 15 years through our Diversity Champions and Global Diversity Champions programmes. 

Oh the NOTORIOUS Diversity Champions Scheme, that organisations are now leaving left right and centre, with the ECHR being a high profile organisation that have left, and in the last 2 days ACAS reported to have left.

And now the ‘strategy’ itself, which comes in three parts.

Part 1 - Freedom

Conversion therapy is rooted in sexual orientation, not romantic attraction or ‘gender identity’. You should know this as you work so close with Mermaids who look to convert gay kids into straight kids by way of ‘gender transition’.

Hate crimes - thats’s a bigger discussion as to whether hate crimes are really a good idea or not (i.e. crimes categorised by motivation rather than the crime itself). Asylum, it’s an interesting one. Gay men and lesbians should definitely be entitled to asylum from homophobic regimes, the irony is of course Stonewall and co support homophobic regimes on occasion and applaud them when they implement ‘trans away the gay’ initiatives. Stonewall have also this year been found to be ignoring gay men living in African countries under homophobic regimes when they have contacted them for help. I have yet to see heterosexual male ‘trans women’ be in a position where they need to flee their country for asylum.

Here we go - this ISN’T about same sex relationships I should clarify straight off. This is about two things:

Legalising and recognising ‘non-binary’ identities and enabling people who ID as such to get legal recognition and amend their legal documentation to say so. On this, to be honest Deborah Morgan said it best…

The second thing is about trans identified parents being able to ‘identify’ as mother or father on birth certificates. Freddy McConnel lost her case to be legally recognised as her child’s ‘father’ rather than ‘mother’, but this is one of the biggest issues for Stonewall and the ‘LGBTQ’ community at the moment. We all know the big public figure relating to this is a biological female, Freddy, looking to be recognised as father. If this was successful the floodgates would open for thousands of misogynistic heterosexual men with extreme sexual fetishes to be legally recognised as the mother of any children they have fathered.

Part 2 - Equity

Christ, if you thought ‘Freedom’ was bad.

Right there in plain sight. Campaigning for ‘affirmation only’ trans health care. Any people who even question if they have gender dysphoria MUST be affirmed as the opposite sex. They do not want people to examine their mental health and identity and look at other outcomes. Affirmation only. Cult-like behaviour. They do not care about people at all.

A lot of the rest of the stuff is just… what? Strong focus on black and minority ethnic people whilst ignoring that black people who challenge Stonewall are often the most aggressively targeted (note: Allison Bailey for a start). Stonewall uses black and minority ethnic people whilst not really giving a shit about them.

Also note ‘elders’ will be focused in our campaign…. I think recently Stonewall were found to have over 80% of staff under 40!

Part 3 - Potential

Oh dear God… Oh dear God…

The intro to this section. Proud of who we are? Except if we’re the dreaded HOMOSEXUALS I imagine. I don’t even really want to talk about this as it’s SUCH a car crash of shameless self promotion and back-slapping. More pimping their failing ‘Diversity Champions’ Scheme, and also pimping their ‘rainbow laces’ programme. This strategy is a strategy on ‘How-we-can-make-more-money’ for Stonewall.

But I will say this on Point 5 of their ‘Potential’ page. ‘All LGBTQ+ people have the right to protest, celebrate, and connect'. Except they DON’T do they? You supported the lesbians who said they don’t do dick getting thrown out of Pride didn’t you Stonewall? You are a fucking JOKE!

End page: Standing with Stonewall

To make it clear just how this is all about Stonewall rather than anyone else, they wrap up their strategy by talking about ‘Nurturing Stonewall’.

This is also evidenced in Stonewall’s recently social media campaign and hashtag ‘standing with Stonewall’ and even, producing ‘stand for Stonewall’ tees.

This isn’t about gay and lesbian rights, homosexuality or homophobia. It isn’t REALLY about trans identities, or non-binaries. Ultimately Stonewall are about Stonewall and no-one else. A homophobic, misogynistic, capitalist shit-hole of an organisation. And I look forward to watching them burn.