Sheridan went paid...?????

Say what?

Yes… Sheridan has went paid…. why?

Well if I can allow myself to quote…. myself….

Me, Me, Me…

Everyone here knows… I’ve had a rough ride. Why? Well, purely for the crime of being a homosexual. We know the LGBTQIA++++++ community now HATES us homos. And I’ve experienced that first hand, attacked by Stonewall & Pink News employees, Mr Gay England CEO and Attitude Magazine owner to name a few members of the community who have attacked me. I had to speak to my senior manager in my day job to explain the co-ordinated homophobic attack on me from within my own so called community, looking to report me to the police in the aim to find out where I work so they could place pressure on my employer to fire me. Because, you know, gay people aren’t allowed to be homosexual and GOD FORBID they should have… OPINIONS! Especially if those opinions go against the misogynistic and homophobic gender cultism that has now swallowed up LGBTQIA+++ everything. But no, I’m not going paid because I think I’m going to be fired. I’m lucky in that the senior management of my day job supports me.

Sheridan Sinclair writes like Custard

It’s lovely that Darren Styles, CEO of Attitude magazine thinks I write ‘like custard’.

However, lots of other people, media types, journalists, even English teachers! Think I write really well! Thanks guys! Anyone who has read my ‘Impressions of Ironbridge’ piece will know I have had aspirations of being a writer since I was very young.

I want to be able to write, get engagement, and get comments and feedback, but after the co-ordinated homophobic attack on me I turned comments off all my substack posts because of the hundreds (literally, my original blog post got hundreds of comments) of comments - mostly attacking me for daring to be a gay man. So this way I can get feedback, enable comments etc without being bombarded with hundreds of hateful homophobic comments. And should I want to move into writing on a more professional or permanent basis, I have the experience and feedback. I would love to start writing more long-term pieces, including fiction, and publishing even if via Kindle. So watch this space.

What’s in it for me?

I have made a tentative and realistic initial commitment, minimum 2 posts a week and one podcast a fortnight. I appreciate in order to entice paid subscribers I need to offer more, but we are early days!

What I really want, is feedback from YOU!

Tell me what you want from a writing and podcast point of view. I have a few ideas myself, but I want to know from you guys what you want and what will make you subscribe. At present all content is free, but I am looking to implement subscriber exclusive content to entice paid subs! PLUS also, paid subscribers can contact me directly to make content suggestions.

Some ideas for written content:

More Personal Pieces (i.e. like my awkward coming out story)
TV/Film analysis (e.g. current but also classic media - such as classic LGB character profiles)
More on Stonewall and the other ‘LGBTQ+++’ orgs
LGBTQ publication analysis/commentary

Some ideas for podcasts:

More personal pieces (i.e. monologues of personal experience)
Reactions to current events
Interviews with people - twitter/social media types and others!

Anyone who would be up for an interview/chat on a podcast - let me know!!

The most important thing here is that we are all in this together.