Nancy, U OK Hun?

What the HELL is going on at Stonewall HQ?

It’s only been a week since Stonewall UK were absolutely REELING from a number of articles published in the news heaping criticism on them and their actions. Just for fun, let’s revisit what they were!

  1. Allison Bailey suing Stonewall, the lesbian barrister who was put under investigation by her employer after influence from Stonewall.

  2. The University of Essex cutting ties with Stonewall and issuing a formal apology to two feminist academics who they had de-platformed following advice from Stonewall.

  3. Stonewall founding member Matthew Parris writing a slam piece for ‘The Sunday Times’ over how the organisation has completely lost the plot over their stance on gender ideology.

  4. Most damningly of all, a report on how Stonewall are misrepresenting UK equalities law and leading to organisations to act in an unlawful manner.

And you can read more on points one and two in my other blog piece, ‘What happened to Stonewall UK?’ (shameless self promotion).

Stonewall’s response? Their social media team posted the following…. ‘U OK Hun?’.

In the following week, Stonewall UK have faced an even greater crisis situation as news has leaked of MANY organisations leaving their protection racket, er, Diversity Champions Scheme.

Stonewall have also faced criticism this year after giving bad legal advice to the Office of National Statistics (where they had a private meeting with Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley) relating to the ‘Sex’ question on the census. This led to the ONS facing a legal case they could not defend, and the UK taxpayer having to foot the bill for their Stonewall-advised incompetence to the tune of over 100k.

The reaction from Stonewall UK and CEO Nancy Kelley has been ranged from ignoring criticism, being defensive, outright lying, and even more extraordinary stances. Kelley frequently ignores anyone on Twitter who asks her about actual gay and lesbian rights issues (such as the homophobic attitude of parents of children referred to the Tavistock gender clinic, as evidence by many whistleblowers, or the homophobic murders of gay men). Kelley also frequently continues to lie and misrepresent UK law and the Stonewall position. Kelley told the UK government ‘Stonewall do not want to remove the single sex exemptions from the UK Equalities Act’. Despite the fact that they have previously issued statements that confirm they do, and subsequently their new strategy also confirms they still advocate for this. Hello? Charity Commission? Can you PLEASE do something about these liars and charlatans?!

And in the last few days the rattled and defensive Nancy Kelley has now OUTRAGEOUSLY claimed that people who recognise that biological sex is real and that women’s rights matter are the same as Nazis.

Kelley has rightly faced a myriad of criticism and outrage for this unhinged and offensive claim. Even the BBC News journalists note how they challenged her on this outrageous claim, though Kelley declined the opportunity to back away from the claim and instead doubled down.

Following this, and the aforementioned situation where many public bodies and other organisations are now ditching the Stonewall Diversity Champions Scheme, Women & Equalities Minister Liz Truss has now recommended all public bodies pull out of the failing scheme, which misrepresents UK Equalities legislation.

Their recent ‘5 year strategy’ announced last weekend will also be giving organisations pause for concern, as discussed in my recent piece the strategy seems to be focused on growing and protecting Stonewall, rather than helping LGB or even T people. This is also evidenced in their production of ‘Stand for Stonewall’ T-Shirts and their rather desperate attempt to get ‘I Stand for Stonewall’ trending.

At this point, the future looks uncertain for Stonewall. Their iron grip on every major organisation and body in the country is FINALLY loosening. What will they do? It seems as if their only option is to ditch Kelley and replace her as CEO as damage control, will they do this or will the rest of the team stick by her and instead of trying to desperately bail water out of their sinking ship keep pouring it in? But one thing is for sure, Nancy Kelley is almost certainly not ‘OK hun’.