Maria MacLachlan: Speakers Corner, YouTube and More

A chat with the legendary Maria.


Hey sub stackers. Going forward Friday is going to be ‘podcast day’ (well Friday or maybe late Thursday night).

From next week I should be banking at least 2 interviews a week, I had more planned for this week but unfortunately have had to re-schedule. So what this means is that you ALL get immediate access to my chat with the awesome Maria MacLachlan, then from next Friday 2 pods will be added - one for everyone and one for subscribers only for a limited period of 1 week. Then every Friday following there will be a new episode for subs and the previous week’s exclusive episode will be made available to all for the remainder of the series. (How long will the series be? At least 10 weeks I hope!)

If you want to join me for a chat, please drop me a line!

Also, if you don’t already make sure you follow Maria on YouTube and check out her website.