Labour hates homosexuals

What the HELL is going on in the Labour Party

Since the glory days of Blair’s centrist ‘New Labour’, the Labour Party have struggled with their support, and in England they are haemorrhaging traditional Labour supporters left right and centre, and of course at the last General Election, the ‘red wall’ came crashing down (though they do still retain a large support base in Wales and they continue to control the Senedd).

Ask anyone why? It seems they no longer really care about the working class voter or working class issues, instead becoming obsessed with bourgeoise upper middle class identity politics, academic structures like ‘queer theory’ and are largely seen as the party of the privileged elite, where ironically the Tories now seem to be viewed as the more down to earth party of your average Joe.

This could not be more apparent than at the last leadership contest in the party. All candidates were asked to sign a ‘Labour Trans Pledge’ that amongst other things, slandered women’s right group ‘A Woman’s Place UK’ and gay rights group ‘LGB Alliance’ as hate groups.

Keir Starmer was the only candidate who sat on the fence and refused to sign, though Lisa Nandy, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Emily Thornberry all did (though Thornberry hesitated at first). The pledge also included a commitment to the ridiculous and nebulous concept of ‘non-binary’, something that bored students with too much time on their hand and too much hair dye like to declare themselves as, before they leave university, buy some sensible clothes and get a job at Daddy’s company.

Since then, the party has continued to lose the plot even more, and hard. The few decent and respectable labour politicians (like Rosie Duffield and Tonia Antoniazzi) are sadly few and far between. The party is a hotbed of post-modernist academic posturing, and a demented obsession with anti-science pseudo-religious belief systems that revolve around gendered souls and the idea that biological sex is a socially created construct. Rosie Duffield has been repeatedly hounded after stating ‘women have cervixes’, a seemingly uncontroversial statement, but the student activists and twitter loud mouths that attempt to control and police acceptable opinions in an authoritarian manner, have led to such blasé basic facts being branded as wrong-think. The authoritarian little misogynists continue to call for Duffield’s head on a plate, and there is even a petition to remove the whip from Duffield ‘as it’s pride month’.

Of course, Pride month being for heterosexual men with sexual paraphilias, and teenagers with blue hair and non-binary identities, rather than homosexuals. Us homosexuals are in the firing line more than ever, and Labour are those with their target set firmly on us. I’ve discussed extensively what’s happened to Stonewall UK, and how they have descended into a violently misogynistic and homophobic organisation, and it’s incredibly refreshing to see the mainstream media finally shedding some light on to this. Many Labour Party members are standing firmly with Stonewall and trying to destroy the ONLY organisation in this country that stands up the rights for homosexuals on the basis of our same-sex attraction - LGB Alliance.

No-one illustrates the state of the current Labour Party more than Dawn Butler. Butler is a woman who has previously said ‘babies are born without a sex’ and ‘most giraffes are gay’. She has taken it upon herself to arrange a targeted attack on another woman recently, the Women & Equalities minister Liz Truss, and has also pledged allegiance to the odious Stonewall UK. Butler thought it would ‘be fun’ to ask her followers who they trust more - Truss or Stonewall. Say what you like about Truss, but she is tirelessly fighting to maintain women’s sex based right’s and protections, had a ‘punch the air moment’ when on a live radio show said the meme-worthy ‘women have vaginas Nick’ and crucially, knows what homosexuality is. Butler also notably took a 14 thousand pound trip to LA funded by a Blairite guru, champagne socialism.

At the point of writing, Butler’s poll isn’t yet run it’s course, but with over 80 thousand votes her poll is currently weighted about 70-30 in favour of Truss. Butler has already started denouncing the poll and claiming nasty women have been ‘working hard’ to promote it, despite the fact that she has 140 thousand odd followers herself and if she’d read the comments many, many of those coming in favour of Truss are Labour voters who feel abandoned by Labour as they attempt to dismantle the rights of women and homosexuals over their obsession with gender ideology.

Will Butler learn? Probably not. But maybe there’s more hope for her colleague Zarah Sultana. Sultana also took to Twitter to slam Truss and the Tories in general, claiming that ‘this pride month we must stand with our trans siblings’ (note: no mention of homosexuals).

Again, hundreds of comments from Labour voters, most LGB or women, all pointing out the shit show that Stonewall have become. Sharing multiple news stories and opinion pieces, showing Nancy Kelley claiming that people who know sex is real are Nazis etc. I hope Sultana reads what people has to say and reflects. Who am I kidding. Labour hates homosexuals, hates women, and hates working class people and working class issues. Labour is a spent force in England, even if they may continue to enjoy their twilight years as a political party holding on to power in Wales, though their obsession to continue to focus on insane anti-science gender ideology and push for the removal of women’s single sex spaces and services, may help open the eyes of more voters here. Move over Labour, you’re done.