Klingons, Hookers and Autogynephiles

Everyone knows I am a science fiction nut. You don’t?! Well, this is the time to come out - and break the news to you, my online pseudonym ‘Sheridan Sinclair’ is taken from the 90s TV science fiction show ‘Babylon 5’, they are the names of the two commanding officers of the titular station during the show’s run (well, I guess Lochley was the CO in the last series, but Sheridan Sinclair-Lochley didn’t have the same ring to it, so I’ll take this moment to just recognise the awesome-ness of Tracy Scoggins).

I used to be heavily involved in fandom - going to signings, events and conventions for a myriad of nerd-tastic science fiction shows. There was a rag tag bunch of friends and associates I made over the years that truly broke barriers when it came to both diversity and challenging social norms in what is genuinely considered acceptable behaviour and attitudes, but overall they were pretty harmless. We were genuinely welcoming to newbies and took people under our wing when they were alone and friendless, getting them drunk and all round having a good laugh at the ridiculousness of our own hobby and obsession, more than anything else. There was one guy who was particularly odd though, met one year at a Star Trek convention in Birmingham.

Everyone at a science fiction convention is a bit weird, but this guy really took the baton and ran with it. When sober he was fairly quiet, but with a severe persecution complex, constantly thinking everyone was talking about him or avoiding him. When drunk, it got worse. He clearly had issues when it came to women, and as is often seen in so many heterosexual men, clearly had a burning anger because he felt he was entitled to sex with women and hated that he never seemed to have any luck in attracting them, even in the world of science fiction fandom where socially incapable men who looked a bit odd and had obsessions over toy spaceships still managed to easily find a lady who shared their enthusiasm and were attracted to them. Later in the evening our awkward associate had disappeared back to his hotel room in a huff, but we thought not much of it and carried on drinking at the bar. When we all stumbled back, we saw him saying goodbye to a woman. She was older than him, and was dressed in a way you wouldn't’ expect at a science fiction event. When we confronted him, of course he admitted she was a prostitute.

His burning rage directed at women for not willingly having sex with him led him to regularly using prostitutes it seemed. Or, should I say, paying to rape women often in the most desperate and unfortunate circumstances and with no other options. I’ve already talked here about two friends of mine who ended up in prostitution, and it is clear to me that the vast majority of women end up ‘on the game’ because they really have no other options.

I would never call him a ‘friend’ for these reasons and others, but he was an ‘associate’ of mine for a few years I guess - someone I knew and would run into at events, and he occasionally interacted with me on social media. My interactions with him there started out innocently and mundane enough, but as time went on he got bolder, not only over his obvious and utter contempt for women, but he started being openly homophobic to me, in quite a nasty way. Suffice it to say, this was enough for me to finally cut all ties with him.

Then about a year ago something happened. After I started my new twitter account, I noticed he was on twitter as he seemed to be interacting with people that I followed. I didn't engage directly with him, not least because I didn’t want him to know who I was. Then, after a few months, I noticed he had changed his name on twitter to a name you might see as the ‘girl’ version of his name, he updated his profile pic to what seemed to be an anime avatar of a female character, and, yes, he updated his profile: ‘pronouns she/her’.

I reached out to some people I used to know that may still be in touch with him. Sure enough he was now trying to live ‘as a woman’, though he didn't seem to be any less misogynistic or homophobic. As far as they knew he wasn't looking to actual transition except ‘socially’ which they said consisted of him wearing hot pink lipstick and eye shadow and occasionally wearing a skirt instead of trousers. What he was doing though was using women’s toilets and changing rooms, and complaining to his employer about ‘transphobia’ if any of his female colleagues objected to him sharing their spaces in the workplace. This they all gathered from posts he made on his Facebook page.

I’ve no idea whether he actually has the autogynephlia sexual paraphilia, or whether he’s just seen how using a trans identity can get him access to women’s spaces. I’m fairly certain he does not have gender dysphoria, or a GRC, and he clearly still loves his cock and balls as much as he used to.

From talking to women who have known heterosexual male transvestites/ autogynephiles though, it is clear that many of his traits are common. The rank misogyny, the treating women as property to be bought and sold, and the intense homophobia. I’ve also heard stories from older gay men of gay bars in the 80s that occasionally had ‘tranny’ nights for straight men who were transvestites, they would despise the gay men that usually frequented the bars and would make it clear they were straight and ‘not like’ them.

The thing that makes me angry in all this is, of course, these men position themselves as ‘the most vulnerable people’ in society. These men, heterosexual men with extreme sexual fantasies and paraphilias, are often white, well off middle class men who have never known real suffering in their lives. Many of them stood by and did nothing to advance gay rights, stood by and did nothing when gay men were dying in the their thousands of AIDS. Yet these men are also now centred by all the big ‘LGBTQ’ organisations like Stonewall UK. Their right to violate women’s safe spaces, toilets, changing rooms, sports, short lists, and rape crisis centres - these rights are now what Stonewall and the like prioritise. The right for straight men to violate women’s privacy, safety and dignity to validate their identities and give them sexual thrills. And if that doesn’t make you fucking ANGRY - it should.