Jameela Jamil is Dangerous

I must confess I’d no idea who Jameela Jamil was until I was exposed to her about a year or so ago. Looking at her wikipedia page, I must have been too old to have watched her on T4 (she’s only a bit younger than me), and despite being a Netflix junkie I’d never seen ‘The Good Place’ (and yeah, now I have absolutely zero interest in ever watching it too).

But a year and a few months ago she made herself known to me when, after apparently taking a slot on a TV show meant for LGBTQ+++ (?) people, she quickly came out as ‘queer’.

No, I’ve no idea what she means by ‘queer’ and I don’t think she was fast to clarify either. She was in a long term monogamous relationship with a man and didn't feel like any further clarification was needed. Was she bisexual? If so why didn’t she say? Was she aromantic (aka likes sex but not romance), poly (aka likes shagging around), or maybe she had some kind of special magical ‘gender identity’ like Non Binary or Demi Girl or Other Kin (oh god please google that last one I dare you). Fuck me if I know, I bet she doesn’t either…. unless maybe she just meant that in the dark when she’s home alone she likes to experiment with blue hair dye.

But it seems that Ms Jamil had a history of being a ‘queer’ advocate and ‘queer’ ally. In 2019 Jamil celebrated the stunning and brave ‘trans woman’ Danielle Muscato …. Danielle Muscato … yes, I’ll say it again…. Danielle Muscato. Who is Danielle Muscato? Well….

Yeah…. that’s Danielle Muscato. Jamil name checked Muscato as an ‘incredible woman’ in honour of Women’s History Month…. um… yeah.

Muscato was so touched he snagged Jamil for his podcast…. I’ve not heard it and I can only imagine what utter insane frothing bat-shittery the two of them get up to.

Following this, it seemed Ms Jamil had went full in all on ‘transssss ally’.

Jamil was quick in to get a zinger at JK Rowling….

And often went off on one at men…. the problem was, unlike JK Rowling, Jamil didn't seem to know what a man was, believing it to be some esoteric state of mind rather than the reality of being an adult human male.

Jamil was happy for the most depraved male sexual predators to have unrestricted access to women’s safe spaces.

She’ll take them ALL!

While this was bad enough in itself, she then set her sights on… the trans child. Yes, the ‘trans child’.

Jamil has a huge platform, and a huge following of young and impressionable fans. It’s one thing to be fawning over fools like Muscato and moronically claiming every brand of male autogynephile, rapist and paedophile is welcome in women’s safe spaces, but her latest misdemeanour really takes the (thick as shit) biscuit.

….. Speechless. Giving Jamil the benefit of the doubt, she may just be really naive and stupid and think that the contraceptive pill that was likely given to her classmates was a puberty blocker - and just to clarify, here’s what one of her teachers said….

Even if Jamil really is just misinformed and mistaken rather than being wilfully neglectful, this misinformation is INCREDIBLY dangerous. PBs have long term effects on bone development, are not harmless, and most damning of all do not relieve distress caused by dysphoria. But to look ‘cool’ and ‘woke’ Ms Jamil jeopardises the safety and health of her young fans.

And now, if you’ve not seen it, here’s a fantastic thread from Malcolm Clark on the issue:

Oh, and she’s also homophobic. Go figure.