A Week in Non-Binary...

May 16th - 22nd 2021

I was thinking… surely this won’t be able to be a weekly thing, it’ll never happen, there will never be enough material…. well…

Themi Levato

Yes of course, you know it, I know it, Demi Levato has come out as Non-Binary and officially changed her pronouns to ‘they/them’.

The ‘Camp Rock’ star and ‘Cool for the Summer’ singer has a history of mental health issues and substance abuse.

No, this is not me making a joke, and this is an incredibly disturbing situation. Much like Ellen Page, who again clearly has a string of mental health issues and trauma related to sexual harassment/abuse, the wokerati are of course ignoring this to tearfully applaud her new trans status.

However, as this is supposed to be a light hearted feature, we’ll leave that for potentially another day…

What we can talk about though is how of course, even Demi herself misgenders herself in her own head (!). Absolutely making a complete hilarious mockery of the whole ‘gender identity’ bullshit in the process. These totally valid and authentic gender identities these lot feel…. yeah even they forget.

We can laugh about the fact that fellow ‘NBs’ are slapping her on the back, and in the process admitting the whole Non-Binary bullshit is just a fad to attempt to be ‘cool’.

We can laugh about the fact that, as with Mermaids last week, fellow Non-Binary fans of Demi are also constantly misgendered by supposed NB ‘allies’ who would attempt to get someone else fired for the crime of misgendering.

We can also laugh about the fact that an instrumental factor in Demi deciding she was Non-Binary was the influence of all round vile piece of work Alok Menon… you know, the guy who thinks little girls can be kinky? Well that’s 2 celebs he’s turned now, after Sam Smith.

And on the subject of Sam Smith…. we can laugh about the fact that in retrospect, the duet between Sam & Demi is now the first ‘Non-Binary’ duet ever…

Biology 101

In other news this week, Twitter user @TPRThomas07 has helpfully given us all a biology lesson. Take that haters!

Non Binary Dreamboat!

Yeah…. this one is lost on me too guys (!)